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What is Wholistic Health?

The Yukon Wholistic Health Network (YWHN) defines wholistic health as “that condition which results when an individual assumes responsibility for his/her own health in a whole sense – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – recognizing the interconnectedness and balance among these aspects. The tendency is toward natural means of achieving this interconnectedness and balance. The assumption of this responsibility addresses the health and well being of the whole person, and acknowledges the interrelationship between the individual, the environment, and the world at large. Rather than focusing on dis-ease, the emphasis is on wellness and ease, largely through prevention.”


What is the YWHN?

The Yukon Wholistic Health Network (YWHN) is a volunteer organization. It was first formed in 1995, then re-established in 2001. To date, the main focus of the YWHN has been to educate, network, and advocate for wholistic health in the form of this website, networking meetings, and health fairs.


YWHN Mission

The YWHN strives to

  • Educate ourselves and our community about wholistic health
  • Network and share with other Wholistic Health providers/supporters
  • Advocate for Wholistic Health in the Yukon

The YWHN is always looking for new members or fresh ideas. If you are a practitioner whose values align with those of YWHN, we want to meet you!

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